Types of solar panels for homes

There are three types of solar panels available. They are: Mono crystalline solar panels, Poly crystalline solar panels and Amorphous solar panel.

Mono crystalline solar panels

Solar panels made of single-crystalline silicon is known as mono crystalline solar panels. This type of solar panel is also known as single silicon solar panel. Mono crystalline solar panels are made out of silicon bar which is cylindrical in shape. The four sides of the silicon bar is cut to make solar wafers in order to optimize performance and lower cost of a single crystalline solar panel.

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Application of solar energy in day to day life

The use of solar energy has been drastically increased over the past few years. As oil price rises, people are looking for alternative energy sources in order to save money. Currently, solar energy is used in homes for many purpose. Here are some of the application of solar energy in everyday lives of people.

Solar power ventilation

The energy from sun is also used to operate fans for ventilation in homes. The cost of electricity will be reduced if you use solar energy to run ventilation fans even throughout the day. These fans will allow you to keep air clean and clear.

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Components of solar power system

The usage of solar energy are becoming popular to save money on electric bills. The group of solar cells connected in series or in parallel manner is known as solar panel. The solar panel voltage is always greater than 12V.

Solar cell

Solar cell is made up of a semi conductor material such as polycrystalline silicon or monocrystalline silicon. The voltage of the solar cell is less than 5V.

Charge controller

Charge controller is also known as regulator. There are different types of regulators available.

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