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Solar Panels for Australia:

A solar panel is a package of many solar cells that are interconnected. These solar panels are used as components to generate and supply electricity for commercial and residential usage! Many a times, a single solar panel mounted on your roof can produce restricted amount of power and hence it is advantageous if few or many solar panels systems are placed together for acquiring better efficiency, based on the purpose of its usage! Thus if you have many panels in one place, then it is considered as a photovoltaic system that naturally includes an array of solar panels, an inverter, and sometimes a battery and interconnection wiring which is optional!

Solar Panels Systems:

Light is both a wave and particle and hence its conversion to electrical energy is much viable. Solar panel is a large array of photo-diodes that convert light energy as electricity. The solar panels systems are made of semiconducting materials (mostly Silicon) which conducts electricity when sufficient light falls on them to excite their electrons.

  • Solar panels being an array of photo-diodes, converts light into electricity!!
  • The heat energy excites electrons and the flow of the charge generates electricity
  • This generated current cannot be used directly at home or for industrial purposes as we depend on alternative current sources.
  • Thus the role of an inverter becomes vital here
  • An inverter converts Direct Current (DC) to Alternative Current (AC), making the generated current available for your needs
  • Finally you get an uninterrupted self generated power supply for your appliances

Here is a simple chart that shows the working of Solar Panels!

Now that you know the working of Solar Panels, you would have a doubt on what type of solar panel you should buy! Well, that greatly depends on the usage. To settle on the type of solar panel you wanted to buy, it becomes mandatory to know the material used and its performance.

Types of Solar Panels systems:

  • Mono-crystalline: Mono-crystalline panels use a single type of silicon crystals which are diced and sliced to very thin strips and arrayed into a panel.
  • Poly-crystalline: Poly-crystalline panels, as their name suggests it incorporate varied structured crystals along with silicon. Efficiency is comparatively less than mono-crystalline.
  • Amorphous and thin film coating: Amorphous on the other hand are usually coated using thin film technology and are the cheapest and least efficient among the three.

Different Watts and Kilo watts of Solar Panels systems:

Watt ranges:

Solar panels are available in many watt ranges like 40 watt, 80 watt, 90 watt, 190 watt, 200 watt. Choosing depends on requirement.

Solar panels by Kilowatts of power:

Based on Kilowatts of power output solar panels are classified as 1.5 KW Solar power, 2 KW Solar power, 4 KW Solar power, 5 KW Solar power and 8 KW Solar power. Based on use and requirements each can quench different. For Industrial use the higher Kilowatts like 5 KW solar panels and 8 KW solar panels are preferred while for domestic use 1.5 and 2 KW solar power systems are the best to choose.

Tips to buy Solar panels for home:

  • Mono-crystalline solar panels systems prove versatile for industrial and business sectors. They are used in places where shading and dusting factors are high. Their efficiency ranging from 12-15% can work quite well even during days when sunlight exposure isn’t like normal days. The area of exposure for these panels is less than the other two variants available in the market.
  • Amazingly solar resources are fit into portable gadgets which function using solar power. A back up source available anywhere anytime is always welcome among people and topping the list is mobile phone chargers and camera chargers. For such purposes amorphous or thin film panels are used having an efficiency of 6-7%. They prove bulky when used for home needs and industrial needs.
  • The best Solar system for homes is poly-crystalline solar panels systems which are available at affordable rates. The efficiency being about 11-14 %, a little less than mono-crystalline, can be used for homes. These panels might be affected a little when less exposed to sunlight. The panel area exposed to sunlight need to be larger than mono-crystalline panels.
  • It should be understood that the warranty period of the panel should be able to return the price worth your investment. Most of the panels come with a minimum of 5 years warranty. If the warranty period is less than the amount you are paid back might not cover your investment.
  • Cover shield of the panel is another important physical parameter to be under scrutiny. Panel covers ought to be weather resistant and immune to environmental degradation.
  • Solar panels working well in other countries or places need not fit well for your place as weather conditions vary. Hence, factors like wind, cyclones, hails and rain shouldn’t affect the efficiency of the panel at later stages.
  • Solar panels for Australia must be well tested under Extreme Australian Climate.

Solar Panels Cost in Australia:

Once you check for all these points, then buying solar energy systems is not a tough job at all! But necessarily you need to remember that it’s cost of buying and the process of solar power installation needs to be done with great care as solar Panels Cost high yet it is an investment for lifetime. Do not go in blindly for some random service provider and its products when you have Solar Quotation to find out the best Solar panels price ones in Australia!!

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