Solar System

A Solar System is a collection of various solar equipments that consumes the natural energy from the sun’s light for its power generation and use. Solar System would consist of parts such as solar panels, inverters, etc. With water resources drying up, wind flow speed fluctuations and fossil reserves shrinking, the ultimate and permanent source of uninterrupted power source is the Solar Energy System! Solar Energy is renewable! The abundance of solar power is like a promising credit to usage of solar power systems.

A typical solar power system consists of

  • Solar panels
  • Inverter
  • Stabilizer (optional)
  • Properly insulated wiring
  • Your AC appliance

Solar Systems comes in different KW (Kilo Watts), they are:

  • 1.5KW Solar Panel Systems
  • 2KW Solar Panel Systems
  • 3KW Solar Panel Systems
  • 4KW Solar Panel Systems
  • 5KW Solar Panel Systems
  • 8KW Solar Panel Systems
  • 10KW Solar Panel Systems

(All the above can be used as solar panels for homes)

The solar systems cost vary according to the KW chosen. There are competitive and cheap prices available for Solar Systems from Solar Quotation’s Installers.

There are two types of solar power system that can set for your need:

  • Grid solar power system
  • Off- grid solar power system

A grid solar power system is used in places where electricity is rented; to be more precise, where electrical lines run through the area. In such places if solar power is efficiently used, they can cut down electricity bills and most importantly can save and earn your money! Only in grid systems extra generated electricity can have a feed-in option and earn you money for the amount of energy fed back to the grid.

Off- grid systems are meant for areas where electrical power supply is far to reach. In remote areas, renting electricity would cause a lump in your expenditure list. Installing an off-grid system can make it a cheap and best deal in course of time. For off-grid systems there is complete elimination of electricity bills but earning income back is a far cry!! Absence of a grid to feed in excess power produced and necessity for backup power makes earning for power production in off-grid systems a difficulty.

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