Solar Panel Installers

Solar power Installation for home:

At Solar Quotation, our mission is to provide you with all the necessary information you would require to take an informed decision when you are organizing or planning for a solar panel installation. Buying a solar system for your residence or business is a decision that must be taken with great care. Each state in Australia has different Feed in tariff and other Benefits. Thus choosing a knowledgeable company that uses quality equipment and have a proven successful track record is essential and has to be noted in choosing the right Solar Power Company for your needs!

Our philosophy is to provide you with a performance oriented and recognized solar power installation, avoiding unnecessary technical complications. This is the reason why our strategy of business, which provides you with three different quotes for you to choose, is one of the finest and proven methods of finding the right solar panels installer for your needs!

Choosing solar panel installers in Australia:

Before you choose a right solar installer you should always consider these factors:

  • Clean Energy Council Accreditation: Before choosing a solar panel installer you should always check whether the installer is “Clean Energy Council accredited”.
  • If the installer is not accredited by clean energy council then they can’t claim the government rebate and so you have to pay the full amount.
  • Moreover if the installer is accredited by “Clean Energy Council” then you can be confident that they are safe installers and they have been trained to do so.
  • Thus it makes your work easy and tension free solar power.

Solar panels cost and cost benefit:

  • This is the most important factor from a consumer or a customer’s perspective!
  • As everyone wants to buy the cheapest item in the market, sometimes very cheap items can become more expensive in the near future.
  • Solar panels systems and other solar power systems are some of the equipments which everybody buys once or twice in a lifetime and they want it to last for at least 30-35 years.
  • So you should choose the most economical Solar system in the market, not the cheapest one!!
  • Of course saving some money is good but it does not mean you must compromise with the quality as you will be dependent on this system for the next 35 years.
  • The installation costs vary from place to place and installers to installers. Thus on a comparative note, you must be able to widely choose the right and best suited solar installer for you!

Warranties of the Solar panels System:

  • You should ask your installers about the duration of the warranty period they give for the product and what are the conditions attached with the warranty.
  • Also find out when you need to get them serviced!
  • Some of the installers have the manufacturer warranty for 5 years and 25 years power output warranties for the solar panels systems but they always put this in fine prints, under their terms and conditions! In that, it would be stated that you have to have the solar panels serviced by an “A” Grade electrician otherwise warranty will be considered as void.
  • Most of the inverter comes with 5 years warranty but some inverters do comes with 10 years of warranty so please ask your installer if they have extended warranty which you can buy. This will give you peace for the years to come!

Electrician accreditation:

Always ask your Solar power Installer that the electrician who will be installing the solar systems in your house is an “A” Grade electrician and also the designer who designs the solar panels for your house is he also accredited by “Clean Energy Council”
This will help you through the process of warranty period and will also give you the relief that you have knowledgeable and experienced person handling your solar systems that are one time investments for you!! You would obviously want it to be installed by the best person in the industry.

Solar panel installers in Australia:

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