Solar Energy

Use Sun’s energy effectively!!

The sun is a powerful source of energy. From heating your hot water, or providing electricity for your entire household’s electricity consumption, to cater various other power consumption needs, Solar Energy is the solution!


Solar electricity is the electricity that is got when natural energy, the sunlight is converted into electricity using PhotoVoltaic (PV) panels. The PV panels are usually placed on a north-facing roof of a building.

Solar energy is used to provide electricity, to heat water, to heat homes, etc.

Sunlight is actually clean, renewable source of natural energy.


Photovoltaic (PV) solar cells straight away convert sunlight into electricity. The simplest form of these cells is used to operate wristwatches and calculators, whereas the complicated systems are used to illuminate your residence. PV cells are pooled into modules called arrays, and the number of arrays used determines the amount of electricity produced.


There are some amazing benefits pertaining to the use of solar energy!

  • Saves your electricity consumption charges
  • Environment friendly
  • Is sustainable! The process of converting solar cells to electricity can go on as Sun is always available!!
  • One time investment!
  • Low maintenance costs

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