Solar Power

Bang the rising energy costs with solar power!!

Solar power is a form of energy that is got from converting Sunlight into electricity for consumption! Solar energy by itself and its application is not a new advent. The usage of solar power is becoming more common these days due to increasing rates of power rented from other sources. Solar power is not restricted to just generation of electricity. It is used for various purposes in agriculture, domestic use, space applications and for hybrid forms of power generation.


Direct use – Direct form of solar power usage is using solar panels straight away to tap sun’s energy for power generation! They are directly exposed to sun and the energy obtained from the exposure is used for various purposes. Direct forms of usage are more common for home needs.

Indirect use – Indirect form of solar power usage consists of a reflector and concentrator which concentrate maximum sunlight possible on the panels so that even a small region of exposure can give good output. Indirect usages are more beneficial for industrial purposes. These set ups are quite expensive as they need extra accessories like reflectors, tracking systems, collectors and so on.


There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of using Solar Power for your personal domestic and commercial use!


  • Renewable source of energy
  • Absolutely pollution free
  • Less maintenance issues to be looked upon
  • No noise factor to be worried about
  • No fear for price hikes in electricity bills
  • Get paid back for producing energy
  • Rebates from government


  • Cannot be harnessed during night times
  • Harnessing of power is weather and climate dependent. It cannot be harnessed during cloudy, storm and rainy days
  • High initial investment
  • Not very sophisticated methods found yet to store the harnessed energy for longer hours.
  • Longer duration of back up cannot be expected from cheap solar systems.
  • Long procedures and paper works for installation

Various experiments on harnessing and longer time back up are being carried out. These are tested with illumination of street lights with help of solar power in specific areas. Research and development is carried out in different methods by selecting specific public areas for lighting street lights, garden lamps and gate glows. A few residents ready to experiments their house and other amenities with solar energy are given incentives for their initiatives.

Solar power is also used as a hybrid power generation link. Combinations of wind turbines and solar power are becoming an area of great interest for research and development. Solar power is used to rotate wind turbines for initial power acceleration. Such hybrid combinations are proving to be more economic and efficient.

An ultimate source of incessant power supply can be obtained from solar power, be it a hybrid or simply the solar power!! After knowing the advantages of solar energy, you would most likely wish to give a try to it! Get going; it’s worth it!! But make sure you find the right solar system and installer to get your work done!! If you have problems in finding the suitable person or service provider, without a second thought contact Solar Quotation! Our job is to you find you 3 best service providers and their quotes that aptly match your needs and budget.

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