Solar water heater

As electricity is becoming more and more expensive, solar water heaters are used to heat water. If the solar heaters are used in wide spread then it can save a portion of convectional energy as solar power is free of cost.

Working of solar water heater

The working principle of the solar water heater or solar hot water system is easy to understand. The black surface on top gets heated up in the presence of sun. Generally the black has a very good absorption property which is used to improve the absorption effect in the solar heater. The collector absorbs the radiation from the sun and transfer the solar energy into heat energy. The different types of collectors used in solar water heater are ICS or batch collectors, flat plate collectors, unglazed or formed collectors and evacuated tube collectors(ETC). The water in collector gets heated up. The hot waters are collected in the tank. The tank is insulated in order to prevent the loss of heat.

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