Solar water heater Vs heat pumps

Choosing the correct water heating solution is a difficult decision. Solar water heater has many advantages when compared to heat pumps. Here the detailed list about the advantages of using solar water heater over heat pumps is given.

Cons of heat pumps water heater
The disadvantages of using heat pumps water heater are given below:

  • Requires more space to install the exterior unit.
  • Heat pump water heaters are not efficient with low water usage.
  • Similar to the air conditioner heat pumps can be noisy.
  • Without temperature difference heat pumps are less effective.
  • Heat pumps depends completely on electricity to generate hot water.
  • Lot of maintenance is required.
  • Life cycle of the heat pumps are less.
  • Usage of hard waters are not given guarantee to the heat pumps by the manufactures.

Pros of Solar water heater

The advantages of using Solar water heater are given below:

  • Life cycle of the solar water heaters are high.
  • Solar water heaters are independent of electricity to generate hot water, hence save the electricity bill.
  • Maintenance of solar water heater is easy.
  • Gives hot water throughout the year.
  • Since the solar water heater is installed on the roof, they are safe.
  • Efficiency of solar water is high.
  • Quality of water does not influence the solar water heater.
  • Solar water heaters are non-polluting.