Solar vehicles

Solar vehicle is powered completely by direct solar energy. Solar panel present in the vehicle contains solar cells which will convert solar energy into electric energy. Solar energy is used to power all or some parts of a vehicle’s propulsion. Solar vehicles are not used as day-to-day transportation device. Indirectly solar-charged vehicles are distributed and solar boats are available commercially.

Solar Cars

Solar cars contains Photovoltaic(PV) cells which converts sunlight into electricity for the propulsion of electric motors. The technologies used in aerospace, bicycle and automotive industries are combined together and used in solar cars. Solar cars are mainly built for solar car races. The World Solar Challenge and the North American Solar Challenge are the two famous solar car races.

Solar Boats

Solar boats are electrical boats which use batteries to store free energy from the sun. People living on inland waterway crafts, sailing boats, space stations and houseboats depend on batteries in order to propel the boat. But batteries sometimes discharge and must fill it again. The solution for this problem is to use the solar boats.

Solar powered spacecraft

The satellites and spacecraft operating in the inner solar system is supplied with solar energy. A few spacecraft operating within the orbit of Mars also uses solar energy for their propulsion system.


The advantages of solar vehicles are:

  • Maintenance of solar vehicle is easy.
  • No harmful emissions are produced by solar vehicles.
  • No fuel cost