Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a natural energy that has an infinite supply. Renewable energy source capture the energy from on going natural processes, existing flows of energy, etc.

The list of renewable energy sources are Biomass, Hydro, Geothermal, Solar, Tidal, Wave, Wind, Wood, etc.

Types of renewable energy
There are six types of renewable energy. They are:

  • Hydro power renewable energy: The greatest energy source is hydro power renewable energy. It is one of the most efficient electricity generating sources. Hydro power plants are of low cost to build and easy to maintain. Hydro power electricity is generated by passing water through a turbine.
  • Wind renewable energy: Wind energy can be used in a reliable way, if the wind turbines are placed in the correct location. The disadvantages in wind turbines are it generate noise pollution and cause injurious to birds.
  • Solar renewable energy: Solar renewable energy is also known as photovoltaic renewable energy which uses solar energy to generate electricity. Solar cell convert’s solar energy into electricity.
  • Geo thermal renewable renewable energy: The process of trapping heat underground and building the energy near the surface of Earth in the form of heat. This heat generate hot water or steam which is used to turn steam turbine in order to generate electricity.
  • Biomass renewable energy: Biomass renewable energy uses plant matter such as dead wood from forests to generate electricity. Poplar, willow and heap are some of the biomass crops.
  • Biofuel renewable energy: Biofuel renewable energy is derived from burning plants and animal substance. This process is known as combustion. It is similar to biomass renewable energy.