Maintenance and cleaning of solar panels

Insufficient care to solar panels will result in 10-15% decrease in solar output. Maintenance of solar panel can be done with the same equipment that you use to wash your residential and automobile windows. Regular care must be taken from settling of environmental elements on the solar panel.

Why to clean solar panels?

Dirty panels will result in low output. Solar panels must be cleaned at least twice in a year. Solar panels must be kept clean in order to

  • To increase efficiency
  • Protect your panels

Reason for dirty panels: The main cause for the dirty panels are

  • Pollens
  • Bird and animal droppings
  • Commercial and industrial matters
  • Dust
  • Leaves, seeds, etc

How to clean the solar panels?

The steps for cleaning of solar panels are given below:

  • Buy a solar panels cleaning kit: The kit contains a liquid soap, a wiper and a small brush normally. In some cases there is a brush with a longer handle. If you cannot purchase a cleaning kit that is specially designed for cleaning of solar panels then you can use the car cleaning equipments.
  • Prepare the soap and water mixture: Depending upon dirty on the solar panel, required amount of liquid soap is mixed with water.
  • Dip the brush into the mixture: Now dip the brush into the soap and water mixture, rub gently on the solar panel. In case if the panel is divided into smaller arrangements, then you can use the brush with small handle else use the brush with longer handle.
  • Wipe the solar panels: Mostly the wiper is attached at back of the brush. If the soap is allowed to get dry on the solar panel then it will leads to decrease in solar output because this will block the amount of sunlight that the solar panel absorb.